The details are not the details. They make the design.
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Studio Malina offers:


– knowledge, experience and creativity

– lack of clichés and ready-made patterns

– complete solutions: conceptual projects, photorealistic 3D visualisations, detailed technical


– furniture design for special orders

– graphics design and photographs (connected to projects and interiors)

– home staging (preparing the property for sale or rental)

– cooperation with contractors

– consultation

– full on-line cooperation


Design process:


1. I focus on the design that suit your needs, both functional and aesthetical. To get knowledge of the client’s expectations, I start with a comprehensive interview in which we discuss to use of individual design, hobby, lifestyle, favourite materials, structure, colours and style of the interior. I prefer to do it by using examples – the best way to be sure about understanding each other.

2. I make an inventory and take measures to have a complete image of the existing interior. When we have on-line cooperation then I based on sent materials and information.

3. I prepare a draft of the functional areas in order to meet resident’s needs. This part is the basis of any changes in the walls. If only there’s a possibility I offer some different functional arrangements.

4. Once approved by the customer I go to the design part. The idea is presented in the visualizations. I design architecture of the interior and also furniture. Only when we use individual well-tailored furniture, the interior becomes a unique and individual expression. Custom made furnishings influence on the functionality of the apartment.

5. Upon completion the design concept, the last step is technical design. I prepare drawings for contractors – full technical documentation which includes electrical systems, water and sewerage, drawings of furniture (if we design), detailed drawings of kitchen and bathrooms.